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Card Based Access Control

Access Control for your business from Peace Of Mind Systems Ltd.Access control is an important part of your overall security system. Whether you run a doctor's office, warehouse or business complex, we can provide a wide range of solutions to control personnel and visitor traffic through your facility.

A System that Grows With You

We have an easily expandable system that can readily adapt to the changing needs of your business. Whether you have only one point of access or 32 protection points, the First Alert Professional access control products can help you restrict access and control traffic.

Smart Systems

Our systems use a CPU to create a database of card holders with their individual authority levels. This allows you to maintain a tighter control of operations in your location. For example, you can deny access to employees from certain areas such as a stock room that houses valuable inventory. Cardholders can be logged by time or day and can even be set for months or years in advance to accommodate holiday schedules.

Card Based  Access Control Proximity Card

Card-Based Access Control

Our card-based access control systems are very easy to use. The user presents a card to the reader device. A code is sent to the system and access is granted or denied. If the user is allowed access, the system automatically releases the electronic locking device. This entire process takes a fraction of a second.

The card technologies available with our system are magnetic stripe and proximity. The magnetic stripe technology is often used for Automatic Teller Machines A unique pre-coded identification number is encoded on magnetic material on the card. As the card is passed through the reader, a magnetic head reads the card number. The proximity card eliminates the problem of wear caused by passing a card through the reader. These cards are held on or near the reader. In many systems, the reader station transmits RF signals which activate and power the cards. The cards return a unique code to the reader.