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Choosing a CCTV supplier?

Choosing the best video surveillance companies

The right video surveillance system helps to make your business – and employees – safer from the threats of theft, accidents, and vandalism. By working with the best video surveillance companies, you can design a set up based on your needs – from a single video camera and monitor to more comprehensive closed circuit television (CCTV) systems.

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Should I upgrade my old CCTV system?

Even if It Ain't Broke, Old CCTV Equipment Might Need Fixing

By Robert Grossman,
R. Grossman and Associates

Do you ever tire of an appliance in your home? Maybe something newer on the market catches your fancy, has the features you've been missing or just looks better. Still, your old appliance is perfectly functional and could keep chugging along for years to come.

In your personal life, this problem is usually remedied more easily than it can be in your professional life. At home, there are lots of options - from garage sales, to relatives in need, to eBay. At work, there are budgets, return on investment and a responsibility to look after the company's assets.

So how do we know it's time to move on? How can we justify a decision to upgrade equipment that is perfectly functional but no longer state-of-the-art? Examining old and new equipment's functionality, cost, features and aesthetics can be an eye-opener.

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Camera Basics, what should I know about cameras?

A video surveillance system is a great way to protect your employees and your business. Choosing the components that make up a great system can be a challenge, though – cameras, digital video recorders, and display systems all have important points to consider. Here's a look at how to choose business security cameras and camera components.

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