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seekerid_frontAccording to HSE statistics  there were 212 people killed at work in the period 2005/2006 and a further 28,605 who suffered a major injury, losing the industry six million working days.  There are many sectors, such as construction, security and delivery services, that employ large numbers of workers, where there is not only a risk from abuse or attack but also a significant risk of injury.  Additionally, new Corporate Manslaughter legislation is focussing attention on lone workers and a company's legal and social duty of care to provide staff with safety equipment that reduces their working risks from both attack and injury.

Identicom Additional Information and Data Sheets

Example of a staff member wearing the Seeker ID UnitThe Identicom with Man-Down provides protection for lone workers from abuse or attack, whilst incorporating the capability for a monitoring centre to be alerted, either manually or automatically, in the case of injury or incapacity of the user.

State-of-the-art signal processing technology analyses tilt, immobility and any sudden impacts, in combination with non-response timed alerts.  This, in addition to a rip alarm and discreetly operable red alert button helps to detect an employee in duress, and raise an alarm across the mobile phone network, whilst minimizing false alarms.

The Identicom is supplied with a rugged, weather resistant, silicone case that attaches to the user's belt.  Maintaining a clear window on the user's identity card and easy access to the red alert button, a quick release mechanism enables easy access to the Identicom to check status and leave amber alert messages without having to remove the case.

The Identicom with Man-Down addresses risks from abuse, attack and injury, providing employers with a means of reducing their exposure to costs of insurance and litigation resulting from regulatory, legislative and employee bodies.

Features & Benefits

Identicom can be configured for use in many different applications.
The following is a list of key features and benefits that Identicom can help provide:

  • Unique ID card format ensures Identicom is always with the worker and within immediate reach
  • Discreet activation ensures the worker is not putting themselves at any further risk or danger
  • Discreet activation ensures an open voice call from Identicom can help capture verbal abuse as well as identify potential issues of physical abuse.
  • Automatic alerting in case of injury or incapacity of the user.
  • One button activation of multiple escalation actions (i.e. voice call and multiple text messages)
  • Unique ‘stop and check’ function ensures the worker verifies their ability to raise an alarm before entering a potentially hazardous situation.
  • An ability to pre-record useful information before a visit is made, Identicom can then operate on a timer mechanism. Failure to respond to the timer will initiate an alert status.
  • Lanyard ‘rip alarm’ ensures that the device enters an alert status if it is forcibly removed from the wearer.
  • All industry sized ID cards can be accommodated, simply slide in/out from the side.
  • Tri-band GSM technology means Identicom will operate in any country where GSM networks exist.

Technical Specification

Dimensions  102 x 72 x 12mm

Overall weight  78grams (approx., includes lanyard)

Operating temperature range  -10C to +40C

Operating humidity range   0-95% non-condensing

Communication system  Siemens Tri-band GSM

GSM Frequencies - Tri-band  900MHz, 1800MHz & 1900MHz

Man-down detection  Tilt, non-movement and impact

Battery life - standby  60 hours (estimated)

Battery life - talk time  2 hours (estimated)

Case material  ABS plastic (Silicone outer housing and belt fixing supplied)

CE Marking The Seeker ID is designed to conform with this specification wherever possible & applicable and is CE marked

EN55022 Emissions The Seeker ID is designed to conform with this specification wherever possible & applicable

EEC Low voltage Directive  The Seeker ID is designed to conform with this specification wherever possible & applicable