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Peace of Mind through the Videofied Intrusion Alarm System

Videofied Intrusion Alarm System

Videofied Security from Peace of Mind Systems. A complete VIDEO security system that is entirely self-powered and wireless.

Videofied Video

Immediate video notification of an intrusion means greater protection and higher priority response. While CCTV and DVRs can provide a rerun of the crime for later review, Videofied delivers apprehensions with immediate notification that something is happening to a live operator. Before the cab of this truck was through the door, Videofied detected the event and was sending the video of what caused the alarm.

The Videofied Concept

Videofied security systems deliver police when you need them – through video verified alarms. We have an Upgrade Kit for existing installed intrusion alarms as well as a complete solution for new installations. Both are available with the GPRS cell notification for TOTALLY wireless video security anywhere. As an additional service, both can deliver the video of what caused the alarm to a cell phone.

Secure yourself with faster police response and a video record of what caused the alarm. Police treat video verified alarms as a “Crime in Progress” and respond faster than for a routine alarm. Even in non-dispatch areas, police are still motivated to catch bad guys. Video verification makes law enforcement more efficient and provides greater security to the property owner.

There are multiple applications for Videofied:

  • Residential Property
  • Commercial Property
  • Construction Sites
  • Storage Trailers and Trucks
  • Boats and Recreational Vehicles

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