Residential Security

Keeping Your Home and Family Safe Means the Utmost Peace of Mind

The Very Best In Residential Security

When selecting a security system for your home you want something that will protect your valuables and give you Peace of Mind knowing that you are secure when you are asleep or away from home. With 24/7 Monitoring you can rest assured that false alarms or real threats are responded to quickly. Choose from basic telephone monitoring all the way to the latest in cellular communication.

Lynx Home Security

All wireless locks are not created equally!

Welcome to Lynx, our most popular home security system! You have a simple to operate user interface and have additional Peace of Mind knowing the system is on the lookout for wireless threats so that you know that your system is secure, the way it’s supposed to be. Don’t be fooled by imitators.


Lyric Home Security

Introducing Lyric! Our most advanced wireless security system. Featuring a 7-inch touchscreen and offering built in Z Wave technology for smart home features such as thermostats, door locks and more! All wireless connections are encrypted with 128 Bit technology to offer you the most advanced level of wireless security possible!


Getting Help When You Need It

Local tech experts standing by 24 x 7 to monitor your systems. Your system is connected to a centralized monitoring station to provide 24-hour a day monitoring of your home.  Fire, police or emergency personnel can be quickly summoned to your home.

LOCAL.LOCAL.LOCAL.  What does that mean? Local tech support from industry trained professionals with over 18 years of experience. Local office and staff. NO offsite call center! We pick up the phone and you are talking to us right here in beautiful Kamloops BC! Local service! No expensive travel time costs to those who live in our area

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