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In today’s world, you have a responsibility to protect your employees and your investment from crime. According to statistics, businesses without alarm systems are more than four times as likelyto be broken into than those that do, and retail establishments are especially vulnerable. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to protect what matters most…your employees, your assets and your bottom line.

Loss Prevention

With shoplifting costing businesses biilions a year, loss prevention is more important than ever! Retailers are becoming more strategic in their approaches to protecting their assets and improving operational productivity so they can maintain profitability.

Our line of integration ready commercial products combine the most advanced technology with simple end-user operation—providing retailers with systems that grow with their changing needs. Our controls, keypads, sensors, wireless devices and emergency panic buttons are all valuable weapons in your arsenal—helping safeguard your employees and business from crime, vandalism and theft.

We offer a wide variety of keypads in the industry, with flexible, easy-to- use features that put security and convenience at your employee’s fingertips. Choose from standard hardwired and wireless versions, graphic touchpads, voice keypads and more. Enhance these solutions with products from our Access Control solutions and Camera Solutions.

Round The Clock Protection

Your retail establishment can be monitored 24/7 by trained professionals. Should an emergency occur, the central station notifies the appropriate authorities for a quick response.

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