Personal Emergency

Achieve Peace of Mind by getting help as soon as you need it

Fall & Medic Alert Solutions

Get help when you need it most with the press of a button.

LifeSentry utilizes a patented two-way voice communication system located in a pendant for coverage in and around your home. Just press the button on the button o nthe pendant to contact a trained perofessional. There’s not need to be near a phone since you can talk to them directly through the pendant upon activation.

LifeSentry Base Station

The base station plugs into any standard telephone jack and can be programmed to contact any central station through Contact ID or 4 + 2 format. Simply input the primary and secondary phone number for your desired central station.

LifeSentry Specifications

  • Programmable to any central station
  • Ensures proper communication by communicating with the base station every 13 hours
  • Contacts the central station in the event of a power outage, low battery, or loss RF signal
  • Utilizes audio prompts during set-up, programming, testing, and full system check
  • Provides hours of talk time or up to 6 months on standby on a single charge
  • Has a 24-hour backup battery in case of emergency
  • Can use a combination  of pendants or wall communicators throughout the house
  • Water-resistant pendant
  • (Optional) Built-in line-seizure relay that seizes line during an emergency
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