Residential Security

Keeping Your Home and Family Safe Means the Utmost Peace of Mind

Residential Security Solutions

The best home security system not only protects your valuables, but it also gives you Peace of Mind when you’re asleep or away from home. We can tailor our system to your needs, so that you can feel safe no matter where you are.

Our residential security systems include 24/7 monitoring to ensure that false alarms and real threats can be responded to quickly. Choose anything from basic telephone monitoring all the way up to cellular and/or internet communication.

Lynx Home Security

Our most popular home security system

If you want a security system without all the bells & whistles, then the Lynx system is the product for you!

  • EASY-TO-USE INTERFACE — Perfect if you love pushing physical buttons
  • WIRED & WIRELESS OPTIONS — Use the system that works best for your home layout
  • REMOTE ACCESS — Check the status of your security system wherever you are with the HomeControl+ app

Honeywell PROA7PLUS Home Security

Our most advanced wireless security system

If you love using the latest technology, then Honeywell’s PROA7PLUS system is the product for you!

  • HANDS-FREE & TOUCH-SCREEN INTERFACE — Tap the screen or use your voice to interact with your system
  • SMART HOME HUB — Control or automate all parts of your smart home in one central hub
  • REMOTE ACCESS — Adjust your smart home and security settings wherever you are with the TotalConnect 2.0 app
  • BUILT-IN CAMERA — See who’s entering your home and disarming your system

Getting Help When You Need It

We’re your local Kamloops tech experts

We have local tech experts on standby 24/7 to help with any technical issues that arise.

Your security system is also connected to a centralized 24/7 monitoring station. In case of emergency, fire, police, or other emergency personnel can be quickly sent to your home.

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